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Delivering Sustainable Outcomes

Mission: To create cross-industry synergy in the sustainable application of Oxidane and related technologies, and to aid member organisation driven regulation in developing markets.

A safe and versatile substance, necessary for many industrial processes


The Foundation

In 1962, as booming practical industrial application of Oxidane became constrained by inconsistantly applied legislation, the original nine members of the Founding Charter formed a working group. This group aimed to educate elected representatives in the United States of the numerous benefits of Oxidane, and work with them to ensure legislation was created consistantly across the states, while drawing from industry best-practices. Two years later, in the spring of 1964, the original Oxidane Foundation charter was signed. Today, we act as a bridge between government and industry, providing guidance in over 90 countries, to both legislators, and over 1300 member organisations.

Our Members

The Oxidane Foundation is proud to name over 1300 organisations as part of it's membership, many of them household names and leaders in industry. Member's dues contribute to the Foundation's continued advocacy efforts around the globe, the maintenance of our document library, and our professional networking opportunities.

New members benefit from access to best-practice recommendations and shared studies on topics such as safe handling and application of Oxidane, a comprehensive network of technology partners and consultants, and region-specific support with regulatory issues.